Bankruptcy Can Solve Financial Problems

If one or more of the problems listed below applies to you – YOU NEED A PLAN – Gudeman & Associates, P.C. can help

  • Are you walking two blocks down the street to your neighbor’s house, because he is letting you hide your vehicle there, from the Repo Man?
  • Are you without health insurance, and not feeling well, but know you can’t go to the doctor because you’ve got outstanding bills?
  • Is the bank threatening to take your home by foreclosure and put you and your children out on the street?
  • Has one or more of your creditors had a judgment filed against you in court, and now you open up your pay check, to find that you have been garnished 25% and your take home is reduced by that amount? Weren’t you having a hard enough time making ends meet before, and now this?
  • Is that “friend of the court” not being very friendly to you and your current economic woes?
  • Is Uncle Sam or the State of Michigan breathing down your neck about some past due taxes, and are threatening to garnish your wages?

Don’t you just want to see yourself living a debt free life again, without all of the stress and weight of debt on your neck and shoulders

Gudeman & Associates’ will help you, TODAY! We’ve been fighting for you and working families in the Metro Detroit area for over 12 years. We know the level of pain that so many of our clients experienced before seeking our help.  Almost 10,000 clients have found a way to get over their fears about bankruptcy and a way to a new beginning with us. We want to help you get that new beginning, starting today.

Help with Medical Bills

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We can help with all of the following:

Bankruptcy may not be the right solution for you, but you must at least know your options.

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