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For many years, the consumer & business bankruptcy attorneys at Gudeman & Associates, P.C. have helped clients throughout the Wayne County Michigan area. Our exclusive bankruptcy focus has made us one of the largest filers in Wayne County Michigan. We have the knowledge and experience you need, and will guide you through the entire process.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Wayne County

Have you been led to believe that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a more difficult, if not impossible option? Nothing is further from the truth.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide a way to:

  • Keep your house and car!
  • Wipe out your debt quickly with no repayment!
  • Credit cards, personal loans, pay day loans.
  • Handle Medical bills, auto deficiencies, utilities.
  • Resolve Old IRS debts, overpay of benefits.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Wayne County

The unique characteristic of Chapter 11 is a provision for business reorganization. Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy which terminates a business’s existence and liquidates its assets for the benefit of its creditors, in Chapter 11, the petitioner typically proposes a plan of reorganization to stay in business, while a bankruptcy court oversees the company’s reorganization and protects it during that time. Learn more Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

If your business resides in Wayne County MI, consider Gudeman & Associates.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Wayne County

You may not qualify for a Chapter 7 debt discharge, or are unable to reaffirm your mortgage or car payment obligations because you are too far in arrears and cannot catch up your payments, Chapter 13 bankruptcy remains a viable option to help you resolve serious financial problems.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide a way to:

  • Repay at a monthly amount you CAN AFFORD!
  • Protect assets from creditors.
  • STOP foreclosure & repossession!
  • STOP credit card interest, late fees, and penalties!
  • STOP garnishments & utility shut-offs!

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We offer no obligation initial consultation with Wayne County Bankruptcy Attorney Edward J. Gudeman in our conveniently located office.

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