Bankruptcy Stops Creditor Harassment

Many Creditors and their collection agencies use scare tactics and harassment. Some are downright abusive. Creditors don’t have your best interests at heart. They do not care about you, whatsoever. Their job is just to get the money that you owe. They have no interest in getting you through the tough times that you may be experiencing. They only want money! Giving them money is the only thing that will stop them from calling you every day and perhaps sending you dunning collection letters.
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But, if you have an Attorney they must stop! After you retain Gudeman & Associates as your Attorney, we will advise you about what the Creditors can and cannot do without violating the law. Once you know too, this knowledge will take away the ability of the Creditor to use scare tactics on you. You don’t have to be afraid anymore! You will be able to answer your phone without the fear that it will be still another creditor seeking to get your money by harassing you, day in, day out, because once you get your bankruptcy case filed, the calls and the letters will stop.

Your Creditors and their collection agencies are required by law to stop contacting you! You stop them in their tracks! Immediately! If they do not stop harassing you, they will be in violation of the law! You can answer your phone again, without being afraid that it will be still another Creditor.

By filing your bankruptcy the Creditors have to contact us because, after you file, it is illegal for the Creditor to continue any collection efforts. So you get some breathing space. You will not be getting those daily and nightly calls, no more “dunning” letters, no more calls at work. Most of the stress of being in a difficult financial predicament will go away, once you have filed your Petition. All you have to do is politely refer all Creditor calls over to us! Tell them that Gudeman & Associates represents you and then hang up. Gudeman & Associates will handle the rest!

Your Creditors can do nothing but comply, because if they do not, the Bankruptcy Court may sanction and penalize them with significant fines or, possibly, hold them in contempt of court. Now the Creditors have to talk to your Attorneys, Gudeman & Associates. They know they can’t push around your Gudeman & Associates or get their way using misinformation, illegal threats, or scare tactic, because we know the law and we know your rights.

So you can Fight Back!!! By filing your petition in Bankruptcy, your Creditors are no longer in control, you are!!!  Get the Creditors off your back! The Bankruptcy Code is Federal Law and its there for you to use when you need it. It’s your constitutionally guaranteed right! Don’t be afraid to use it!

Stop Harassing Creditor Phone Calls

Have you been on the receiving end of harassing creditor phone calls? Then you know that those calls can be completely nerve-racking, unsettling, frightening and intimidating. Those calls can shake-up anyone. They may cause you to question whether or not they can they really do what they threatening to do to you.

Can they take the property that you worked so long and so hard to get for you or your family? Is it legal for them to call you at work? What about all the payments that you made before your got into financial trouble, don’t you get credit for them? What can you do to make them stop??

Has a Creditor called you a “creep” or a “deadbeat” or a “loser”? Some Creditors sink to this low level. It’s how they know how to upset you and harass you into paying them something, just so they will stop. But they don’t stop, not until you have paid them in full. You think, I’ve always paid my bills in the past. I work hard. I’m honest. You don’t deserve this treatment. It’s just the circumstances that you’re in now. Can’t the Creditors give you a break? How about just a little more time in which to pay?

The fact is that most Creditors will say whatever it takes to get you to write a check. Most Creditors know that they can say almost whatever they like. And if a Creditor gets the impression that you are upset or intimidated by his or her words, the happier they are because the Creditor knows you want to pay your bills, that you really are an okay person and that you feel very bad that you can’t, so they feed off your emotions. The more uncomfortable you get, the more likely you will write him a check or allow him to debit your bank account, just to get him off your back. It’s only about the money. That’s all its ever about. The Creditors want your money. They do not care about you or your family, that you have lost your job or lost a loved one or that you incurred huge medical bills. That only care about the money that’s owed to them. Unfortunately, any Creditor that might feel sorry for you is probably out of business, because they did not get the money that they needed to continue their business. What’s left are the Creditors that just don’t care about you or what you think.

Even worse than calls at home are the embarrassing calls you get at work. These calls are not only embarrassing. If the calls continue, they can sometimes cause you to lose you your job. So what do you do?

If you want to stop those harassing creditor phone calls at home or at work, you can! You can do it!! If you seek protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code by filing a petition in bankruptcy, all the Creditor collection calls and letter and harassment will stop. There is only one alternative to filing for protection and that’s more of the same you are experiencing now. The calls will keep coming. And even thought though there are restrictions in the laws that the Creditors work under, the Creditors often violate them with little chance of their being punished. That is because the laws are hard to enforce and you probably do not have the resources to pursue your legal remedies outside of Bankruptcy. The Creditors realized that the penalties for violating the collection laws are relatively small compared to the money that they can collect by ignoring those laws. Besides, who would you sue? Well first you would have to figure out who called you. Many Creditors use false names and now call from someplace in Asia.

But you can take control away from the Creditors by filing for protection under the U. S. Bankruptcy Code. The Bankruptcy laws are probably the most powerful laws available to you as a citizen or resident of the United States. Your multi-million dollar Creditors are stopped in their tracks. The calls will stop. It only takes the time that is necessary for the notice sent by the Bankruptcy Court to reach them, but once they have actual notice, it is against the law for them to contact you. If there are certain Creditors that you want to stop immediately, Gudeman & Associates can send them notice by fax or email. Once they receive notice from us, the calls will stop because part of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code includes a section that provides for an “automatic stay.” This means that all collection activity must be “stayed” or “stopped.” Upon the filing of your petition, the Bankruptcy Court issues an order telling all Creditors to leave you alone. While Creditors may not comply with your requests to stop, outside of Bankruptcy, they do comply with the Court’s notice, because if they do not, they can be sanctioned, fined or held in contempt by the Court for violating the “automatic stay.”

So, if you can’t pay all your bills, and the harassing Creditor calls at home and work have gotten to the point where you cannot control them and they are literally driving you crazy, you can do nothing, you can wring your hands and worry about what you will do and let the stress impact you, your relationships with your spouse and family or you can take control because there is help out there. We can stop all of it for you. We can stop the calls and letters and other harassment. We can stop your Creditors in their tracks. If you file for protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, you will begin to get your life back and get on the right track to financial recovery. You will find out that Bankruptcy is not an end; it is a new beginning for you and your family. Do something for you and your family, call us today at 1-248-546-2800.

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