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Estate Planning

After Having A Kid Do I Need To Update My Will?

While it may not be a priority when you are young and single, having a will becomes a necessity as you grow older. Furthermore, there are a number of reasons why you would update your will. For instance, if you get married, if your net worth and investments change, if a beneficiary needs to be  … Read more

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Why Having A Will Saves You Time And Money By Avoiding Probate Court

A legal document which outlines the manner through which your property will be devolved in the event of your demise is referred to as a will. By having a valid will, you ensure that your property ends up where you want it to be. Therefore, it is important that you make a will if you  … Read more

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What Purpose Does A Will Serve?

What is a Will and what is it for? It’s surprising to know that many people don’t know what a will is, and how it works. But there’s also a general knowledge of the will’s importance: everyone understands that they should have a will. So what is it, and what is it for? The primary  … Read more

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Who Needs A Will?

Who Needs a Will? A will—more specifically, a last will and testament—is a legal document that outlines your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets and properties. It is also used to enforce your decisions regarding important considerations, like the legal care of your minor children. It’s something many people don’t think about for two  … Read more

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5 Common Estate Planning Pitfalls You Want To Avoid

What are the top 5 estate planning mistakes that people make? Estate planning is serious business. Mistakes in your will can lead to major headaches in the future, especially for your loved ones and beneficiaries. Still, you’ll be surprised by how common these mistakes actually are. Don’t Cut Out People From Inheritances There have been  … Read more

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Talking To Your Parents About Estate Planning|Detroit Expert Weighs In

Estate planning is not just for the ultra-wealthy. If you plan on leaving assets whether in the forms of real estate, stocks, bonds, precious metals, cash, cars or other transferable- you need to have a plan for passing along your items in the manner that minimizes your tax liabilities. One of the most used ways  … Read more

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