Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Oakland County, MI Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you do not qualify for a Chapter 7 debt discharge, or are unable to reaffirm your mortgage or car payment obligations because you are too far in arrears and cannot catch up your payments, Chapter 13 bankruptcy remains a viable option to help you resolve serious financial problems.Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Assistance, Gudeman & Associates P.C.

  • Repay at a monthly amount you CAN AFFORD!
  • Protect assets from creditors.
  • STOP foreclosure & repossession!
  • STOP credit card interest, late fees, and penalties!
  • STOP garnishments & utility shut-offs!

Michigan Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

At Gudeman & Associates’ Law Center for Debt Relief we aggressively use our knowledge of Chapter 13 bankruptcy laws to help reorganize your debts and provide you with peace of mind. Our attorneys have combined experience of over 40 years and have filed over 2000 bankruptcy petitions in the past four years. We are not an outside firm that has come to trade on the financial woes of the good people of Michigan. We have been helping people seek protection under the U. S. Bankruptcy Code since 1973.

The process of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The process of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is very similar to a Chapter 7 filing. During our first meeting, we will assess your situation and begin the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. Once we file on your behalf, creditors must stop their harassing collection actions. Losing your house and car is no longer inevitable! Hearings and meetings with creditors and for plan confirmation are scheduled by the court. See bankruptcy timeline

Representing You Through the Entire Chapter 13 Process

Developing a plan to pay back your debts is complicated and creditors may raise objections. No matter how long the process takes, Gudeman & Associates will serve as your most aggressive advocate throughout the entire Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be the right solution for you.

Know your options.

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