Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Have you been led to believe that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a more difficult, if not impossible option? Nothing is further from the truth.  When the bankruptcy laws changed in 2005, the creditors wanted the public to believe that bankruptcy was no longer an option.  It remains a viable financial decision for you, just as it did before the law change.  Don’t let anyone tell you anything to the contrary.

Michigan Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide a way to:

  • Keep your house and car!
  • Wipe out your debt quickly with no repayment!
  • Credit cards, personal loans, pay day loans.
  • Handle Medical bills, auto deficiencies, utilities.
  • Resolve Old IRS debts, overpay of benefits.

You may be pleasantly surprised during your free initial consultation at the offices of Gudeman & Associates.   We are a firm that focuses solely on bankruptcy and file more Chapter 7 bankruptcies than most of our legal peers throughout the Metro Detroit area.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is still an option for many of our clients.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can eliminate your Money Worries

As debts mount, so does your level of stress. Soon, that anxiety overtakes every aspect of your life. You may not see a way out of overwhelming money problems that could result in the loss of your house or car, even your job and your family. Time is of the essence in seeking debt relief. You can end that longtime stress with one consultation at our office. We will let you know what you need to bring to your appointment. During your no obligation initial consultation, we will explain your rights and provide you with the legal options available to you.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s requirements for Chapter 7 are detailed at

Aggressive Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Advocates Protecting Your Rights

At Gudeman & Associates, we are at your side throughout the entire Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. Discharging your debts will involve drafting the filing a petition in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. That act alone will immediately stop harassing creditor calls, car repossession, home foreclosure, if filed before a Sheriff’s sale, and wage garnishment. From there, you meet with creditors and attend one or more hearings, depending on the complexity of your case. After that, you should receive a discharge from your debts within 10 weeks of filing, provided that you have completed your Debtor Education counseling requirement.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be the right solution for you.

Know your options.

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