Michigan Student Loan Relief | Bankruptcy Can Help

With new and good paying jobs in short supply, even with a college degree, it can be difficult to secure a lucrative job nowadays. Often, people are taking jobs unrelated to their field of study, just to get some income coming in. Unfortunately, your student loan lender wants their money, based on the promissory note you agreed to, regardless of whether you are employed or not and regardless of how much you may or may not be earning.Gudeman & Associates P.C., Help with relief from student loans

Now, it is true that student loans cannot be discharged by filing bankruptcy in Michigan (or elsewhere, for that matter.) But, we can still help.

By filing bankruptcy, we can restructure your repayments to the lending institution. We’ll get half of your school loan on a 3-5 year payment plan, with zero interest. This will give you that time to still continue paying off your school loans, and allow you to get ahead, so when you are off of this new restructured payment plan, you’ll have a leg up in getting the rest of it paid.

Bankruptcy may be the right solution for you to deal with student loans.

Know your options.

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