Why Choose Gudeman & Associates, P.C. | Michigan Bankruptcy Attorneys

For over 12 years, Gudeman & Associates, P.C. has been out there fighting for people just like you, against the bullying of bill collectors and the drowning feeling of debt.  We are not a law firm that just came into town to take advantage of Southeastern Michigan’s troubled economy.  We have been here providing services to the community through good time and bad.

We provide results. We have helped nearly 10,000 Michigan families get over their unfounded fears about bankruptcy and get out from under debt by using their constitutionally given right to file bankruptcy here in the Detroit area and through out Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties.

We offer a totally free consultation with one of out attorneys. We’re the experts at bankruptcy. We’ll walk you through the process and educate you. Get all of your concerns and questions answered.

Many of our competitors have moved into the southeast Michigan area from afar, trying to take advantage of the economic hardship and struggles of the area. These carpet baggers have come here to try to live off our land during our hardest times as a community.

We have been here and will be here for the long haul. We are your neighbors and your friends. We best understand the current economic struggles in the Detroit area and are here to help you through it. We want to bring you debt relief and a debt free future.

We are a team of dedicated professionals that live here in Southeastern, Michigan.  We know the law inside and out and use it to be your advocate. We’ll get you through these hard times and set you on the path toward a debt free future.

Our fees are very competitive. The reality of the situation is that, you’ll pay your legal fees with your creditor’s money. You can’t beat that!

Bankruptcy may be the right solution for you.

Know your options.

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